Calgary Decks by Deckrative Designs: Featured Decks


  1. Composite deck and bench
    01 Aug, 2018
    Composite deck and bench
    Even when building composite decks you can still create some cool designs and add pieces to enhance your Calgary deck
  2. Composite deck and landing
    31 Jul, 2018
    Composite deck and landing
    When deciding to build a wooden or composite deck don't worry about compromising your design. We can create with any material. Calgary decks and fences
  3. Composite Deck and Enclosure
    26 Jul, 2018
    Composite Deck and Enclosure
    Composite deck enclosures are a great way to add an extra room to your home without the hassle of a large renovation. Calgary decks
  4. Two Tone Composite Stairs
    24 Jul, 2018
    Two Tone Composite Stairs
    When thinking about designing a composite Calgary deck make sure to give a thought on the color combination that makes most sense with your current space. Decks Calgary
  5. Composite deck and concrete pad
    15 Jul, 2018
    Composite deck and concrete pad
    You have many different options when you are designing your Calgary deck. From composite material to concrete areas, we have options for all designs. Calgary deck builders
  6. Multi level Composite Calgary Deck
    14 Jul, 2018
    Multi level Composite Calgary Deck
    This is another 3 tier deck but in a composite. We incorporated 2 different colors to add contrast and also added a full deck enclosure over one half of this deck on completion. Calgary decks